Piercing at Saz’s


We offer a professional and hygienic piercing service, providing a full range of body piercing, whether it’s ears, navel or something more exotic. Our piercer, Kerry Anne, is comprehensively trained in piercing techniques and sterilisation practices and standards, including, prevention of cross-contamination, customer care and body jewellery suitability.

Piercing is available in our Padgate studio Friday and Saturday and in Cadishead Thursday and Sunday.

Check out our Piercing Aftercare  page for everything you need to know about looking after your new piercing.


In our body piercing studio we believe that the well being of our clients is of the utmost importance so maintain the strictest hygiene regime; taking advice from Health and Safety executives and sterilisation specialists.

Our studios are equipped with state of the art sterilisation equipment and we pierce our customers with individually pre-packed, sterile, canula needles. We do not use or condone the use of piercing guns.



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